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About Us


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Dr. Toor is a Spine Surgeon and Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba. Outside of spine surgery, his professional passion is questioning the status quo of the healthcare system using evidence-based fundamentals. His clinical expertise allows him to generate ideas to apply business principles in novel ways to the field of healthcare.

Johnathan Lex MB ChB MASc

Dr. Lex is a surgeon-scientist and orthopaedic surgery resident at the University of Toronto. He completed a master’s in biomedical engineering, specializing in machine learning and optimization to predict hospital resource utilization. With over 30 publications, he also has broad expertise in research methodology, critical appraisal of scientific literature and clinical guidelines.

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Aazad Abbas MD HBSc

Dr. Abbas is an orthopaedic surgery resident the University of Toronto with an interest in pursuing orthopaedic surgery. With a background in physics and mathematics, he has a passion for applying business and engineering concepts in healthcare to improve the current healthcare system. His research interest is in applying mathematical principles to improve healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes.


We work collaboratively with academic and clinical experts from all fields of medicine, business, industrial engineering and artificial intelligence to generate our high quality work

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